Sea foam

Sea foam
This gorgeous color is so HOT right now. I am in love with that desk and chair! Grey makes a good neutral color to go with any vibrant tones and themes.  The rug is so pretty and I love the faded look that makes it resemble an antique.  Good job!



Denim Hot List

Denim Hot List


I seriously have had an obsession with denim.  If I had not given away or sold lots of my jeans recently, I would probably own about 200 pair.   It doesn’t help that I look really good in jeans.  I know, not very modest of me now is it? Ha ha.  Well, these are the pairs I am totally eyeing right now.   They are what is hot at the moment.  It’s so hard to pick just one, right? I know!!!

4th of July Fireworks

4th of July Fireworks
I love all things Americana, so anytime I can play with the colors red white and blue.  It makes me happy.  This cute and sexy red polka dot shirt is perfect and can be worn not just for the holiday.  The espadrilles and the jean shorts make this outfit very casual and comfortable.  The amazing Moschino bag is so natural and works really well with this outfit. Big enough to store your patriotic blanket!

Picnic at the park

Picnic at the park
A picnic in the park, may the only way for this city girl to get a tan.  Our parks have quite a few sunbathers in the summer.  With this cute ensamble you are sure to be the cutest there.  A matching beach towel,  picnic basket and a good book are a great way to keep you entertained if the people watching gets boring.  You could totally take this to the beach or camping as well.  So, let’s GO!!!


Sante Fe Road Trip

Sante Fe Road Trip
Sante Fe is my new destination obsession.  About 6 hours from here, it makes a great mini vaca or even a day trip.  Get up early bring  something to change in and go check out Sante Fe’s art district, the lovely architecture and spanish heritage.  The fabulous colors of Santa Fe, the flowering cacti, gorgeous views and the warm breeze will have you wanting more.  These are essential pieces for a warm summer day/evening in Sante Fe.  You’ll fit right in.